With the aim to produce authentic Mexican food for four of our Infinity Enterprises Group restaurants in Whistler, as well as Vancouver, in 2014 we created Mexican Fiesta Food Services, through which we supply 80% of our kitchen’s production needs for the final service.

Mexican Fiesta Food Services operation assists restaurants to maintain quality standards and decrease food cook time, while providing consistency within dishes.


Mexican Fiesta Food Services has long been a part of the community in Whistler, in which we work to offer the best quality dishes. 

We provide food processed services to any business that commercializes food products; such as: Restaurants, Hotels, Casinos, Convenience stores and more.

Our food preparation facilities include among others; cold storage compartments, vacuum pack equipment, high performance convection ovens, planetary mixers and tilting kettles.

  • Production supply to restaurants 
  • Catering for groups or events of 100 or more.
  • Minimally processed foods. Washed peeled and sliced prep items.
  • Processed food ingredients that include refined and crushed items as salsas, soups or crushed products.
  • Highly processed foods. Baked, fried, smoked items.


Catering for groups or events of 100 or more

Production supply to restaurants


  • Fresh produce
  • High quality standards
  • Great product assortment
  • Imported ingredients
  • Vacuum Packed method to extend shelf life of products.
  • We can accommodate any dietary restrictions
  • Professional product presentation